Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Other Kids

Over the years I have sponsored many children in other countries. Some have moved out of the area where there were projects and some areas became self sufficient and the projects were moved to other areas. So there are many past sponsored children that I don't know how are doing. Tyler and Jessica have sponsored children and Jasmine has one now too. She does jobs to earn money to send for the birthday and Christmas gifts, and she writes the letters.

I don't write this to sound like some hero, but to encourage others to sponsor a child. For us, it's a matter of $30 or so a month, but for them it's the difference between being able to attend school and get medical care or not.

The pictures below aren't the greatest pictures. The kids' pictures are taped to the side of my filing cabinet and I took pictures of those.

Henry is the child I've had the longest. He is Jessica's age but still in school. He's in Honduras. He's a World Vision child.

This is Yordi. He was born Dec 26, 2003. That is the same birthday as a past foster child. Yordi is in Guatemala. He is a World Vision child.

This is Eric. He was born May 5, 2005. He is a Compassion Child in Ghana.

This is Hamisi. She was also born May 5, 2005. She is a Compassion child in Tanzania.
This is Emmanuel. He is at the Real Hope for Haiti clinic.
This is Alex, and I'm his school sponsor through Real Hope for Haiti.

So these are "my" kids who don't live with us. I do need to get around and write to them though. Seriously, I am not very good about that because I never know what to say.

This is Jasmine with her sponsored child. They are near the same age.

And this is Jessica's child.

If you don't already sponsor a child, I'd encourage you to find World Vision or Compassion online and choose a child. The dollar a day or so it costs to sponsor a child through those organizations will make a life of difference to a child.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN!!!!! We love it!!!
We sponsor 2 children through Compassion and not only does it change your changes your children's lives, and the life of the child you support!!!!! ALL IN AMAZING GOD WAYS!!!