Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sunday night we talked to a group of 1st & 2nd graders about the Bible. We called it "Adventuring Through the Bible" which is why you see an assortment of adventure hats in the pictures.

We had out Books of the Bible blocks for kids to put together. Jasmine was a big help during the lesson. We gave out the bands on her arm to the kids who learned the key verse (Psalm 119:105). We said it about a zillion times together so everyone could learn it.

We had a phone for God told me what to write. An eraser for The Bible has no mistakes. A Bible handbook for The Holy Spirit helps us understand the Bible. And a magic picture book for God Shows himself to us in the Bible.

We talked about how the Bible authors were ordinary men who were fishermen, prophets, a tent maker, a doctor, a tax collector, shepherds and a cup bearer.

We talked about how the Bible has two parts--The Old Testament and the New Testament. Then we did activities with Noah's Ark and Joshua and the walls of Jericho.

We ended by doing crafts to go with the stories of Joshua and of Esther.

The girls were invited to join the fall challenge HERE.

Next Sunday night we'll be talking to the 3rd-5th grade students. We cover some of the same things but on a more difficult level, and instead of the games, we go through the major events of the Bible using twelve C words. Oh, and we do actually have one game which is picking up the frogs from the ten plagues using a spoon which is held in the mouth : )