Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Disney Weekend

We drove down to Kissimee Friday leaving after school. We decided to drive all the way through and got a hotel room around 1 a.m. Finally got settled down at 3 a.m. I was starting to wonder if we were just going to stay up until time to go to Disney!

The first day we went to Hollywood Studios, which used to be called MGM. We didn't do lots there, but this is one of the most crowded weeks so it took us all day to do what we wanted to do. You can see those pictures a couple of posts back.

Sunday and Monday we split between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Saturday we left the park about midnight but left at 11:00 on Monday because we were driving home on Tuesday.

It was really, really crowded so we chose what we wanted to do carefully knowing that since we have year passes we'll be back.

The girls didn't get these shirts until after we'd had our picture taken with Mike. I got mine a couple of years ago.

The lights at Magic Kingdom were amazing.

Only three of us went this time, but we're looking forward to the rest (who are here at home) going in January.

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