Friday, November 11, 2011


A few of the guys who served in the military from our family. I know there are more pictures and older pictures but I can't seem to locate them. My dad, Merle Sims, WWII Private in the Service and Ammunition Battery of the 67th Armored Field Artillery Battalion of the 3rd Armored Division.

Rick's dad, Richard Cassel Sr, Korean War

My mom's brother, Gene Bowers, Korean War

My mom with her older brother Gene.

My mom's younger brother, Terry Bowers, Korean War

My hero, Richard Jr, Desert Storm

And of course now Jeff is in the army stationed at Fort Bliss. I don't have a good one of him in uniform.


Hevel said...

I was considering posting something similar, but with all 13 of my siblings, siblings-in-law, several nieces, nephews and all my aunts and uncles having served in the IDF and currently my youngest adult sister, my two eldest foster boys and a niece serving, a post wouldn't have been enough. :D

Your family has a wonderful tradition of aserving your country!

Kathy C. said...

I think more of my relatives served in the military but I don't know my dad's side of the family at all.

I had one cousin that I know of in the army.

Hevel said...

My great-grandfather was our first veteran, he was a military doctor in WWI, in the Austro-Hungarian army. Then my grandfather was in the ISraeli military before there was a state of Israel... and since then everyone, except me, so there are names I don't even know, either.

Karen said...

Kathy, thanks for all your family serving in our stead. I appreciate them and you!