Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feeling Sad

The little boy I just started sponsoring at Real Hope For Haiti died today. This is the report I got about him:
This is Alma’s second time in the Rescue Center. He has suffered with kwashiorkor for several years now (that's why his body is all swollen up with water). This makes 8 times he has been through this. His body is very weak, he is turning yellow and is not doing well.
Alma’s parents tell us that when there is food that he eats well. But many times they do not have food to feed him. He needs a lot of protein in his diet right now. He has been eating a lot of the medika mamba and lots of chicken.

But this morning he took a turn for the worse. And then he was gone. I know he's totally healed and waltzing down the streets of gold with so many other Haitian children, but I was praying he'd grow up to make a major impact for God in Haiti. But God's way is always better and heaven is more grand than anything we can imagine.


One Crowded House said...

oh no! I'm so sorry.

We started sponsoring a little girl there named Nadege.

It is heartbreaking....

Diane said...

So sorry and so sad. I sponsor a child too and can not imagine getting a letter like this. :O(