Monday, October 3, 2011

Soccer, Tiling, Jet Skiing

On Friday Jessica and I took beef & broccoli and sweet & sour chicken to Jasmine's school and had lunch with her.

I got a new treadmill although I had to wait a while at Sears because all the sales clerks were busy putting an assortment of Christmas trees up!

I really like my old one and didn't need all the new fancy stuff, but the old one would shut off abruptly between 20 & 30 minutes. We replaced two parts and it still did it.

This room got tile. This is it with the old carpet.

Anyone sitting around got put to work by Jessica.

You have to start at the exact middle of the room and tile outward in pyramids to make it look right. If you start in a corner and work out, it's not centered.

That means you have to cut little pieces for around the edges.


Jasmine had soccer Saturday. She's in the training league not the recreational league so it works a little differently. And it meets for two hours, not one. They all have the same shirts instead of uniforms so some have to wear the "bibs" for games. There are about 25 in the U11 group.

Jasmine gets the ball in play.

She made the goal but she came right over top me so I didn't get a picture. They use these little portable goals for the training league. It's the kids who are getting ready to play on the competition league. I don't know that she will though. She does great when they play with smaller numbers like 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, but if it's a full sized team, she just watches everyone else get the ball.

The one that got by her! She had it, and then she let go or something and it went right into the goal. After that she just kicked the ball any time it got near the goal!

Sunday after Sunday school we took the jet ski to the bay for the last time until spring. The wind was cool, but the water was warm. Yep, the pie irons are still around. Looks kind of like it would make a good branding iron doesn't it? Thankfully none of the kids have tried that yet!

The finished pie.

With the cooler weather, some people were in jeans and sweatshirts and others in swimsuit. The bay wasn't very crowded at all. Guess fall is really here.

Jessica does a lot of the grilling. One group goes to the bay and gets the food ready, while the other group loads the jet ski and kayaks.

Kayla. Jessica is sitting backward as my spotter.

Adam and Jasmine

Rick and Kayla

I don't have a lot of pictures because right after this one, someone changed the camera setting and the pictures were all white from glare. It was disappointing because Jessica had taken the camera on the jet ski to get some of Adam on the knee board. But we'll go again next spring.

So that was our weekend. It kind of seems a week long!