Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festival

Yesterday was the fall festival at church. I have nothing against trick or treating other than it's very crowded and the kids don't really need that much candy. So we've started doing the church fall festival in place of it. The mall has trick or treating tonight which we'd thought about, but Jasmine just has too much homework. One of our neighbors pastors a small local church, so we may run over there for a little bit. Here we are ready to go.


Sister trio

Hula hoop contest

They have hot dogs (unfortunately usually very cold), chili from the chili cook off contest, cookies and bottled water each year.

Limbo contest

Rick and Tyler were in Orlando for the sci fi convention. There was change in plans and they came here last night, and then Rick took Tyler back to college today. Ty is really struggling academically. Pray for coping, study skills and endurance. I know he can do it but sometimes asperger's issues get in the way. Nonetheless, love my first born!!


Hevel said...

Keeping Tyler in my thoughts and prayers. Are there any tutors/study coaches available at his college?

Kathy C. said...

There is math tutoring. I suggested he start taking his homework there from day 1 but he waited until he was flunking and now can't catch back up : (

He has a younger teacher in training and he just hasn't been able to learn much from her. But he doesn't always apply himself when something is hard (just like the rest of us!).

One Crowded House said...

loved those costumes :)