Monday, October 10, 2011


We planned another weekend with Tyler. Remember that our snorkel trip was canceled due to a tropical depression. This time I checked the weather before buying him a Universal/Islands of Adventure two day pass. The rest of us have FL resident passes that expire next month. Well, the forecast was for a sunny weekend when I bought them, but that all changed quickly and a rainstorm moved in.

So we went to Wonder Works since we were already in Orlando. I didn't check the weather right before we left, or we would have found something closer to do. But I had already reserved hotel rooms anyway.

I took a picture of practically every child doing every activity so I'm just going to post a few.

Jessica had her hand in 28F water. This is how cold it was when the Titanic sank. The 36 is how many seconds she's had her hand it in. It got painful very quickly. I don't know how anyone survived the cold water. We only had our hands in, their whole bodies were submerged.

Ready to experience hurricane force winds.


They had an earthquake machine too. The twins went in it and it didn't trigger any memories for them. I know some kids have real trauma from the Haitian earthquake, but mine don't.

Bubble room. Jessica and Jasmine

Tyler and Jasmine

Jessica using pulleys to pull herself up.


Everyone tried the pulleys, but only Tyler and Adam successfully pulled themselves up.

Only Jasmine and I didn't do the bed of nails. Kaleb took it in stride.

Kayla wasn't so sure.

Jessica on the giant piano.





Tyler in the shuttle.



Ready for the ropes course. It was tame compared to the one at Stone Mountain, GA but only Jessica and Jasmine did that one, so it was new to everyone. Kayla and I stayed on the ground. That was for behavior reasons not heights. Tyler and Jessica used our passes later.


Tyler giving Kaleb a hand. Kaleb did awesome. You could tell he was scared, but he kept going and didn't ask to go down.





It cost $179 to get everyone in and that included all the activities except laser tag. One turn on the ropes course and one time in the 4D simulator. We spent six hours and could have stayed a lot longer but it was a holiday, Saturday and a rainy day in Orlando so it was literally packed wall to wall. I'd like to go to the closer one some day when it's not so busy.

Tyler and Jessica went back to the hotel with us to check, then returned to Wonder Works by themselves and got home at midnight! They loved it. I'm glad the day turned out really well even though we didn't get to go to Universal. Tyler and Rick and possibly Jessica will go another day because I already have Tyler's ticket paid for.

More news and photos to come.

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WOW! That looks like a blast!