Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Caspian

Jessica has been thinking about getting a puppy for while. She even tiled her room to make puppy accidents easier to clean up.

She almost got scammed by those people in Cameroon. Then no one in our area wanted to work with her because of her age. I wanted her to fill out the application and be responsible for the adoption herself.

She found a puppy on a photolisting for a place quite a ways away. It's an area we'd wanted to visit anyway. The lady was happy to work with Jessica. Unfortunately it was raining when we went Monday so no side trips.

We took Scrappy along to meet the other dog. He's pretty mellow though and he was okay with the puppy.

While Jessica met her puppy, Jasmine and I visited the kittens.

I am really a cat person, not a dog person. But we have an alpha cat in the house. No other cats would be allowed. He will tolerate dogs as long as they know their place. There is still some hissing at the new puppy if he tries to get friendly.

Isn't this little one adorable? Reminds me of Max's baby days. Sniff. Sniff.

But nope. Shy would think it was a chew toy. Jessica got the puppy and that was it.

We stopped on the way home to let the dogs walk a bit. Caspian had a twin who was adopted on Saturday. He is not used to being alone. Right now as a write this, he is yelping for attention. Mommy Jessica put him in his kennel for a nap after two short morning walks. He wants nothing to do with the kennel. Jessica told him she might be home earlier today because it's midterms.

He is around 9 months old and is a pug/pekingese mix. He's just about full grown.

Checking out some new sights on the way home.

Caspian and Scrappy were still checking each other out.

Scrappy wanted to make sure Caspian knew he had seniority.

Finally home.

Next project is to make the fence secure so he can be let loose outside.