Monday, October 24, 2011

Baking and More Baking

Talked with the kids about showing kindness and thankfulness to others who do things for them each day. So we made treats and cards for cafeteria workers, bus drivers and teachers.

Kaleb dunking the snickerdoodles in cinnamon.

Everyone (except Kaleb) had to wear a hair covering while in the kitchen.

It was a lot of work to cut leaves out of craft foam!

Jessica didn't have a hair hat on this day because her hair was pulled back from an Explorer's event. They worked at Cops & Kids.

Some of the things that went into the treat bowls.

The first batch ready to go.

Making more.

The cards.

Had to include the furry family members. Well, the dogs. The cats were out and about.

"You do what with this?"


Karen said...

Oh, Kathy, you are teaching such valuable lessons to your children. Blessings**

One Crowded House said...

that is a terrific idea... the teachers usually get remembered, but those other workers get left out!