Friday, October 28, 2011

Lunch Date

Jessica and I have decided to eat with the littles the last Friday of the month. For some reason Adam just wasn't wild about the idea of us sitting with him and his friends at lunch 
: )

Last month we took Chinese to Jasmine's school. The twins eat so early that most places still have breakfast, and the Chinese place isn't even open yet. So we took Subway. That opens at 6 a.m.!

We had a lot of fun with the twins, but unfortunately less than a half hour later, Kaleb acted out aggressively against two students, ran from the teacher and had to be caught and restrained : ( I was sad such an ugly incident took place right after we had such a good time at lunch. His activities will be limited this weekend since this is not his first offense this month. He is going to be mommy's buddy during the festivals rather than getting to pair off with a sibling.

Jasmine was really concentrating while carving this pumpkin last night. It's not quite done.

Wednesday evening Caspian and Jessica had a party at church. A friend lent Jessica this Egyptian Princess costume. She wanted to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz so Caspian could be Toto, but the adult Dorothy costumes were not exactly appropriate!!!!

Adam is running cross country at the county meet later this afternoon. It's less than an hour away and we wanted to go but Jessica has to work and we only have one car. Rick and Tyler are in Orlando at a Sci Fi convention this weekend. So we're thinking of Adam even if we're not there.

Lots of thing going on this weekend but we'll have to work around everyone's schedule with only one car, so not sure how much of it we'll get done.

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