Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Part 4

Jasmine wanted to try parasailing. She was not talked into it. In fact, I gave her several chances to back out before she went on the boat. I was not on the boat with them but they offer a photo pack so I got that. I'm only posting a few photos here because most of them look alike.

I think they were at 500 feet at the farthest point.

Jasmine was panicking, so they started singing all the songs from Tangled.

Jessica asked to be dipped. That means landing in the water instead of on the boat. Where one goes, they all go!

You will notice that I am NOT parasailing. I'll just stay on the ground thank you very much!!! Or in the water. But NOT in the air!

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Karen said...

Good for Jessica, to face that fear. I've been parasailing once. On the way up, I thought, "I'm gonna die!" and while up-I thought this is sooo cool. Then on the way down, I thought, "I'm gonna die." But I didn't. :)