Friday, May 20, 2011

This and That

I made a 5x7 collage for everyone of the Destin weekend. I used Snapfish to do it. It was .79 each. Jessica and Jasmine's has the same focus picture but everyone's is different.

The twins' collages.

This is how Kaleb came home from school yesterday. Must have been quite a day : )

I spend last night sorting out what papers to keep and what to throw out. I'm putting the papers, class shirts and art projects in big envelopes by child. If it doesn't fit, we don't keep it. You can put a lot in the envelopes though. Kaleb has both a pumpkin T-shirt and reindeer T-shirt he made.

No more whole rolls that mysteriously fall into the toilet, no more wads big enough for ten people. Of course now we have to get it every time the twins need it but hopefully this phase will pass.

I am writing a choose your own adventure. Not a sure thing at all as it's like a competition between many writers. The editor wants a table of contents. Choose Your Own Adventures aren't written in chapters so there's not really a table of contents. The choices all branch out. So maybe I should send me my poster board? : )


junglemama said...

Awww-- you were not kidding! LOL-- youare too smart for those kids! Maybe I should do that. :)

One Crowded House said...

love the toilet paper placement :)

Felicia said...

LOL, I love the toilet paper placement!

Isn't it great how easy it is to do creative photos...and inexpensive too. Kids love pictures of themselves.

Dawn Miller said...

For some reason I keep think of Seinfeld, "Can you spare a square?"

I LOVED Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. I didn't even know they still had them. Is it challenging to write?

Kathy Cassel said...

It's been fun to write it so far but it's not as complicated as the other ones from a few years ago. I saw a diagram of one of those and it was unreal! Like 80 possibilities. My just has a few branches and I actually am not just putting "the end" on any of them. I just send them another way.