Monday, May 30, 2011


We went jet skiing & kayaking at the bay. When we do this, the girls go first and set up the food and start the grill. The guys load the kayaks and jet ski and follow.

While we wait for the guys, we amuse ourselves.

By taking pictures among other things.

Poor thing has my freckles. And my eyes. Not really my nose. I have the Sims ski slope nose. I think she has the Adam's nose. Can't tell by this picture though.

Guys are here. When they get here, Jessica goes around and pulls the jet ski around from the launch. Tyler doesn't like to drive anything.


Kayla in the one-person inflatable.

Kaleb ready to go.

Tyler. He likes to explore by kayak.

Jasmine can kayak by herself now, but she doesn't go far from shore.

Jasmine. Tyler rescued her hat which went flying. He happened to find it while he was kayaking.

Me pulling Adam and Kayla on the tube.

Adam and Kaleb.

Today was a little more crowded because of it being a holiday weekend. This bay is restricted but they don't always check who comes in. Unfortunately, one couple decided to be intimate in the water right near where my six-year-old twins were playing!!! It was pretty bad. We won't even go into the guys who were totally drunk and putting on a show. There are a lot of behaviors that do not belong at a family beach. We were getting ready to leave by then thankfully. Too many people were half drunk by then. But it was a good day and beautiful weather. A few storm clouds, but they went by.

Jessica getting ready to pull the jet ski around to trailer it.

Adam unhooking the inflatables. Both Tyler and Adam had to work Sunday evening.

Jessica's had a rough week and needed comfort food. Pretty obvious what it is?

Tyler had an interest in Legos and kinex that lasted well into his teen years. No complaints. I think kids grow up too fast and of course it's unheard of for guys past about ten to play. He's been cleaning his room (at my insistence since he's going away to college in the fall) and pulled out this kinex set and built it to show the twins.

If you are reading this on Monday, we are already on our way from the FL panhandle to the IN/MI border.


One Crowded House said...

hope you have a safe trip!!!!

Kathy C. said...

thank you

Christine said...

THe day at the lake looked like fun! Did Jessica make break? Cinnamon rolls?

Kathy C. said...

Nope. She microwaved one of those giant marshmallows!! She loves to microwave marshmallows and she discovered those uge ones.