Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beach and Fitness Run

Yesterday was the last day of school and the three little ones got out at 11:00. We loaded up and went to the beach.

The water was just a bit cold, but the sun was great.

These are the giant marshmallows. They are equal to four regular ones.

This one actually fell off and landed in the charcoal.

Today is Armed Forces day, and there was a fitness run near us. Six and unders ran 1/2 mile, 7-9 ran a mile, ten and up ran two miles. You didn't have to run though, you could walk. So I did. Adults were actually supposed to do a 5K but it was already hot by 9 a.m. so they didn't have anyone do more than two miles.

Everyone did the last two laps with me because they'd all finished.

Tomorrow is the first dress rehearsal for next Friday's recital. It's a major event, and they want it as professional as possible, so they are very picky about everything. Absolute same color of tights and shoes etc. Of course nothing looks the same on Jasmine with her dark skin, but we buy what we are supposed to. And all the work is worth it because it is beautiful on recital night.


Felicia said...

I saw those marshmallows at Walmart and thought what a great smore they would make! Looks like fun in the sun. My kids get out next Friday.

Karen said...

Wow, those are some "hunkin'" marshmellows. Looks like all had a fun last day of school!