Sunday, May 15, 2011

This and That

No, it doesn't grow in a can. You have to husk it : ) And cook it.

And then take the husks to the goats. We live in the city, so I have no idea why there are goats down the street, but you always see people there feeding them bread. We take them all our veggie peels as well as bread, stale popcorn etc.

My galleys for my Tyndale book coming out Oct 1. They were e-mailed to me, and I printed the pages out to see what they'd look like. Wow!

One advantage of having two children work at the theater. No, they don't usually bring this much home. Usually one a bag a time. But this much gets thrown away some nights. The goats will get what's left when it gets stale.

The twins are 6 today, and I'll post about their birthday tomorrow.


Hevel said...

While I won't comment on your fiction blog (not the kind of thing we read in our house), I have several blog/FB friends who'd be interested, so i'll post a link. Good luck!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. I tried to post a comment on your blog saying I hoped the one with the broken arm healed quickly, but it wouldn't post my comment. Blogger has had issues lately.

Hevel said...

He is doing pretty good. His major concern is now that instead of having nearly 4 years and army experience to decide what he wants to study at Uni, he will have to make that decision within a year as he pretty much striked out from military service, at least for now.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, twins! Wow you struck the mother-load with that popcorn! :P