Friday, May 13, 2011

108 picture books

Finally finished my post of 100 pictures books everyone should read. Actually there are 108. Read the list HERE.

1. How many of these books were read to you when you were a child?

2. How many have you read to your child?

My goal is to read every book on the list to my twins this summer. Let's hear it for summer reading!!!!!!!!!!!


Hevel said...

I think about 10-15 of these were read to me as a child, and about the same number I read to my children. Maybe less. You see, haveing lived somewhere completely different, we either didn't have access to most of these books, or we simply opted for the local books. We did Seuss, Numeroff's If you... books, Where the Wild Things and Paddington. Lucado books are a trigger for one of my disrupted children, so we don't have them in the house any more.

Kathy C. said...

interesting that Lucado is a trigger, but understandable