Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This and That

Jessica is selling hats to help pay for her summer mission trip. She put them on a build-a-bear to show the size. The pink is infant, like newborn and the blue is toddler. We added a donation button to the side for buying the hats. Go back a couple of posts for more information.

Everyone found Valentine treats at their spot Monday morning, but I don't have pictures of Jeff and Adam. Adam left for school before I took pictures, taking his candy with him (he goes for anything with peanut butter) and Jeff wasn't up yet when I took pictures. We are all up by 5:30. He is up by noon. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Valentine's Day is also Jessica's half birthday so she is 19 1/2 now!

Jessica and Anthony went to Voyage of Dawn Treader. The rest of us were at home having a regular evening. Rick and I had Applebees carry out late.

Jasmine had her third neck expansion today. This is only HALF of the size they want it. How much do they think that skin is going to stretch?????

She is smiling now but it took will power. She has been crying since she got home. I just this over with for her!!!!

The ports where they put the needles in look so sore today. My poor boo bear!


One Crowded House said...

I'm so sorry Jasmine having to go through this. Did they say you could put something on the injection sites like neosporin with pain reliever or anything? Can you give her anything for the stretching pain? I would imagine it is all very sore.

Kathy C. said...

They numb up the sites before hand. She hasn't complained much overall. Just give her tylenol or ib. I don't think the stretching hurts so much as it's just extra weight and so noticable. I'll be glad when we are through with this.