Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog or Facebook?

I am wondering how many people really read blogs now that there is face book and it's so much faster?


One Crowded House said...

I love blogs... I don't love facebook. I have even thought of canceling my facebook account at times just because even when you try to make things more private- they still end up being pretty public.

But, my blog is private so I can monitor who I give our family information too.

Maybe it is because I am "friends" with a lot of people I went to high school with- and I was friends with them then, but I don't necessarily think they need to know all the details about my kids now.

I get a little worried when people announce they are going on vacation or other things like that, on facebook, someone might mention to someone else (that you are not friends with) that you are out of town and that is pretty much open invitation for burglars.

I don't know, I am so cautious about stuff, I know that doesn't bother other people as much as it bothers me though.

Bogaranty├║ said...

I do both Facebook and blogs, but I quit Twitter. Blogs are completely different from FB.

Bill and Christina said...

I love to read blogs! I have just been gone for a while but I'm back!

Dawn said...

I do both. I haven't kept my blogs up in a long time. I still think of blog posts, I just never type them up. I'm also very cautious about what I put on facebook.