Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jasmine's Neck

Most of you know that Jasmine had surgery Sept 08 to remove the webbed skin on her neck. This surgery failed and left her with large scars on the back of her neck.

We waited until this past Christmas for try #2 on the neck. If this doesn't work, we'll live with the webbing. It would be preferable to so much scarring.

This time the surgeon inserted some sort of balloons into her neck that are supposed to have water added to them weekly to stretch the skin so it can more easily be pulled around back and removed.

But the local doctor has not been successful in doing the weekly adjustments so we are way behind now. The second surgery was supposed to be during spring break the week of March 14. Now the doctor is saying that it will be the week after school is out in May. That will NOT work. That is recital week. That is right before our IN trip which I still hope to make but money-wise it's not looking good right now. (Think 2 tires and expensive dental work for three of us). That is just weeks before mission camp which is very strenuous.

You can see the spots under her skin where they insert a needle and add water. The surgeon numbed her skin and then used a butterfly needle. The local guy left her waiting so long that the numbness was wearing off and then stuck her with a full sized needle. It was all over right then. So instead of him having done four adjustments so far, he's done nothing.

Rick drove her five hours back down to Shands for them to look at her and add more water. They were, of course, successful. You can see the bulge on the side of her neck where the balloon is being inflated and stretching her skin. He wants it FOUR TIMES this size!!!!! Does he have any idea how cruel kids can be? She is wearing turtle neck shirts in the school color now but it will be 80F and swimsuit weather in a couple of months.

This is how it looks from the front. I'm not thinking her last lip repair was so great either!!
Right now I'm one unhappy mama!!! Let's get on with it and get it over with.


Jodie said...

So sorry, Kathy! I know you want so much for this to work and be over for her. She's gone through so much!!!

One Crowded House said...

I would be *very* mad at your local doctor that is supposed to be getting things done.

That has to all be very tough on Jasmine and you.

Christine said...

Don't feel alone. We too have experience with doctor's who dropped the ball. Ugh. Hang in there. Tell Jasmine she looks beautiful regardless!

Kathy C. said...

Thanks all. I know in the long run this isn't so bad, but I want it to be over for her so she can just focus on being a child.