Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chocolate, Nikes and Burger King

Mom to 16 sent us chocolate eggs with toys in them! What a nice surprise.

Checking to see what's inside.

The oldest four used to buy very similar eggs (same brand) in England with their allowances.

Tyler won a free candy bar.
I got Adam new shoes. He blows out the sides. He'd better not blow these out for a looooooooooooooong time. And they are size 12 by the way!
Jeff started work at Burger King yesterday. That's good because since he's gotten home he's slept until close to noon, got up and eaten, and then laid on his bed watching stuff on his computer the rest of the day. I think army life might be a surprise for him!


Nadia said...

those are kinder surprise eggs! and here in canada you can get them everywhere..heck, it's even the treat that comes with a kids combo at the movie theatre. personally I think they taste horrid, but the kids love them lol.

Lisa said...

Where do you want us to send our addresses??? :) Thanks so much for the book opportunity!

Tisha said...

Love the pictures! :)