Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horsing Around

Jessica and I had been talking about taking lessons together. However, it's expensive so it wasn't happening. Then we talked to a lady who is willing to let us come when we can rather than coming each week. We scheduled it for every other Friday morning but only went one Friday in November, one Friday in December, one Friday in January and one so far in February.

Lesson 2

This is Runner, a grey Arabian. I've ridden him three times and a chestnut named Teddy once.

This is Jessica with Colonel. She's ridden three different horses.

Lessson 4

This is Teddy.

It was barely 40F this day.

Runner was a stinker this day. The owner had been gone so he hadn't had his normal exercise and he hadn't had his morning hay yet. Then a deer ran in front of him and made him a bit unhappy.

We don't really have any pictures of us riding because I don't think the instructor would be too thrilled if we pulled out a camera while on horseback since we are beginners.


Bill and Christina said...

I LOVE horses and LOVE to ride!

One Crowded House said...

We are actually in the process of figuring out if we are going to buy a horse, lease a horse, or just have Taylor take lessons (Jeff and I grew up with horses- but I am not sure we want to have to build a fence and barn to accommodate one right now!)

Scheduling is our problem too- and I'm hoping if we do lessons, that she can find some that will work with her sports schedule!

It looks like you guys are having fun!

Karen said...

That's so neat! I love to ride! But I don't know the English style. Fun!!

Kathy C. said...

It has been fun even if we don't go very often. I'd love to take everyone but....

We ride western but she still wants us to post a trot.