Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So Much Going On

Sometimes there is nothing to write about, and other times more stuff than I can put in one post. This is one of the weeks were there is more to say than you'll want to read : )

This weekend everyone but Tyler went to Orlando. He didn't want to go and offered to pet set. I gave him some spending money in place of a FL resident annual pass.

Rick, Jeff, Adam and Jasmine went down early to Shands to check her neck. They didn't do anything because she'd just had a expansion. We are having trouble getting them to set a surgery date. It keeps getting later and later and the week they want is dance recital week. I want it done long before that.

Jessica, the twins and I drove down most of the way after the twins got home from school. We met at Universal Saturday morning.

This was a holiday weekend and we expected it to be packed. It was. Waiting time for rides were from 30 minutes to over 2 hours.



Kaleb, Kayla and Jessica after the Jaws ride.

We had side by side hotel rooms for girls and guys. (Jessica couldn't get off of face book for this picture : ) )

We went to both Universal and Islands of Adventure on Saturday and Sunday.

We really didn't do many rides due to the crowd but it was still fun.

Cat in the Hat

Curious George water play area

Rick, the boys and twins left early afternoon Sunday. The girls and I stayed a little longer because Jasmine was having a neck adjustment Monday. Due to the long lines, we mostly hung out and only did three rides.

There was one negative incident with the twins. They did not want to leave, so Kaleb kept acting like Rick was hurting his hand. A lady came up and told Rick he was hurting Kaleb and questioned if Kaleb was even supposed to be with him. Kaleb used that opportunity to get lots of attention by shouting "You're hurting me" repeatedly and drawing a crowd. Rick ended up carrying him. Kayla used that opportunity to run off. So the twins have been told they will not go the next trip. It will just be Rick, Jessica (if she takes more time off), Adam and Jasmine. Jeff only wanted a two day pass so he doesn't have a year pass. I paid the amount it would be for a two-day pass and gave everyone the choice to pay the extra $45 to make it a year pass.

After Rick's group left, the girls and I mostly walked around, ate churros and took pictures.

It is Mardi Gras time down here. In fact, there are three parades in our town this weekend, and Jessica has to march in one. The boys are running a Mardi Gras 5k. It's also the twin's last bb game.

It got a bit wild at times.

I've posted about Jasmine's neck expansions, but I'd actually never been through one. Jasmine had one in Tallahassee late Monday afternoon.

We ate at Subway, then went to a park for a little bit. Then we went and saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader for the fourth time to pass time before the procedure.

Waiting while the numbing cream does its thing.

They spray another numbing thing on her neck while the needle goes in. I got it straight in the face the first time. That was fun.

They put a needle in each port and add 10 cc's of water.
This was supposed to be done each week after the surgery but due to the guy here not doing it, we are behind. She has about three more times. I think there is 40 cc's in each side right now.

I have more to post about so will be back tomorrow!


One Crowded House said...

those last pictures brought tears to my eyes... what a brave girl you are Jasmine!

Bill and Christina said...

Poor Jasmine! I feel so bad for her. Great pictures. Looks like a great time!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Tanya and Christina. She only had minor discomfort from the pressure of the water but she panics knowing it's coming. It's just the thought of two needles and the local guy waited so long the numbness had worn off and then used too big of a needle so that kind of makes it harder for these other people (who actually know what they are doing and don't make her wait). I wish she didn't have to go through this and hope the surgery can be done well before recital.

Julie said...

Poor Jasmine, but it looks like a great weekend otherwise! Just even the temperature there looks attractive!

Karen said...

Oh, Kathy those pictures are hard to look at, much less have that done. Poor baby! I'm suprised they don't put her under a little bit.

See you next week!

Kathy C. said...

Karen-it's over in just a couple of minutes, it's just the anticipation that makes it hard and the constant fear that the numb meds won't have worked after the one bad experience.