Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winding Down

Jessica played in the church program Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Anthony came to the program. His family doesn't go to church anywhere, so he's started coming to our church Wednesday evenings which is the small group Bible study for teens. Even though Jessica just got to know him through Explorers and especially during the week of torture this summer, it turns out he went to the same Christian school as my kids before it closed down but he was in a different program so their paths never crossed.


We went to the mall to Sbarros after the concert. Then we went to Penneys and I bought Anthony a shirt for Christmas. I was going to get black to go with the pants he's wearing in the above picture, but he likes green better and there was one that went well with the pants so that's what he got. Jessica is supposed to get a picture of him with it tonight. He wanted it wrapped : )

This is the cool coffee machine at the eye drs. I don't drink coffee but Jessica does.

You put one of those little containers in the machine still sealed. It punches a hole in it and makes your coffee.
We got our of our 9 a.m. appt at 12:35 so Jessica had both pumpkin spice and french vanilla.

This appt went forever. They had to do the dilating drops three times. We waited well over an hour just for his eyes to dilate.

Kaleb has to wear an eye patch. I'll post pictures later. I may have to duct tape it around his stubborn little head!

We went to the food court after the appt.

Jessica took Jasmine to Legend of the Guardians. This is the loot they brought home.

Waiting for the last DPT and polio shots.

Smiling through the last shots.
The pictures of Kayla all show her chest because she didn't wear her undershirt (Kaleb has one on but it's pulled up) and her chest shows. She's young, but it just doesn't look right.

They both did so great that we went to Burger King.
(This was before I read the note in Kaleb's bag that he hit a pregnant teacher in the stomach today!)

Jasmine is pre oping right now for her surgery tomorrow.


Felicia said...

So Jasmine's fever must have gone away. I hope that the surgery goes well and she can enjoy Christmas with the family.

Thanks for the Christmas card, you are on the ball. I didn't do any this year! I'm such a slacker.

Kathy C. said...

Jasmine is fine right now. Praying the fever doesn't decide to come back during the night.

Renee said...

Praying for Jasmine's surgery and praying for the whole Cassel Family!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Renee