Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Boring Day

Today was another very boring day. It was rainy and dreary, and that made everyone feel really blah. I was going to take everyone to Guardians (the owl movie), but Jasmine was still sick, and it would have really upset her to be left out. So no one went.

Tyler spent a lot of the day cleaning his room in preparation for Jeff coming home. Ty hasn't shared his room since he was about 7 or 8, so this will be different for him. Jeff and Adam shared a room before and that was a BIG mistake because they were grounded to their room together too much, and it left too much time to plan mischief.

It looks like we still have a ways to go.

We played playdough with the little ones.

The church program was tonight and will be again tomorrow afternoon. Kayla is all dressed up.
She did really well in spite of an issue with someone that resulted in Tyler leaving the service with her to avoid a bonding issue. Rick had to take Kaleb out and left Ty and Kayla. I know the person thinks Ty is really rude for taking her and leaving, but that is exactly what he should have done. It's too bad he was put in that situation and was not able to stay for the candle light part.

She looks like she's holding her breath!

Poor jazzy! She felt miserable all day, but couldn't sleep. She finally fell asleep after 8 p.m.


Felicia said...

I hope that Jasmine gets well soon. Will this impact her surgery?

Renee said...

Poor Jasmine! Praying she feels better soon.

So sorry for the person not keeling your attachment boundaries. That just stinks.