Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a Reminder

If you missed yesterday's post, be sure to go back. It had a lot in it including a give away for kids. I would say girls but the Middle School book is for boys too so it's open to girls and boys. Also, the singing animals will make you smile if you are a pet person.

We are getting Christmas cards ready. Here is Kayla signing her name.

Her writing is looking so much better.

You can get Christmas photo cards for a small fortune, but I cheated and ordered a 4x6 collage print instead, and they were only 9 cents each instead of 50 cents each for the official Christmas ones. The other option was to take a family photo and put a Christmas border around it for free and pay only 9 cents that way too, but since Jeff isn't here to do the family picture, I did a collage that includes everyone and shows some of the highlights of the year. I did a letter a couple of time but people who know us already know everything that happened during our year.

And just a reminder of what Christmas is all about from Linus.

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Karen said...

Kathy the collage is a great idea. Looks good, too. Blessings**