Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Random

New Pajamas. I got Kaleb some How to Train Your Dragon ones but when I went to take a picture of him he had pottied and peed all over his room floor (on purpose obviously) and spread it around. I do have a picture of him cleaning it up but I think that would be a little too much for the blog. And, yeah, he cleaned up every bit and drop by himself and scrubbed the floor with soft scrub. The PJs are on the closet shelf for a month because I was totally disgusted. Kayla's are too because while she didn't do it, she thought it was funny and got it all over her new PJs too. I got Ty mario PJs and Jasmine a thermal shirt. I didn't take pictures though. The mess on the floor distracted me.

Sunday will be ten years since we did Jeff's readoption in the states. He came home to England March 98, we moved back to the USA July 99, but we didn't get around to actually filing his paperwork until 2000, so he was adopted in GA on Dec 5, 2000.  I sent him this watch. Hope he gets it by Sunday.

Adam made apple bread, but it was gone before I thought to take a picture, so I took a picture of the box. The only thing that kept it from being immediately gone is that those who weren't here when he made it thought it was meatloaf. It did really look like meatloaf if you didn't look too closely and I guess the smell had worn off. (Can smells wear off?)

This is a little blurry but it's Jessica explaining how she singed her hair starting the grill.

It shows up better when it's enlarged. Too bad you can't smell the singed hair. Nothing like that smell.

Jasmine is still reading A Wrinkle in Time on my kindle. It's a pretty long book.

Kaleb is my puzzle doer.

This guy makes me smile. He dances.

So how's that for random?

Jasmine and I are leaving late this afternoon for Orlando. We don't get much actual time in Orlando since it's seven hours each way. We will have all day Saturday and half of Sunday. Hopefully I'll post pictures Monday.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love your random pictures and family :)

Karen said...

That was a full day, huh. Oh I love Toy Story!

Hope Jessica's hair is okay!