Friday, December 17, 2010

Bored, Bored, Bored

This has to be one of the longest most boring days ever. So I just started shooting pictures at random of my "stuff."

So here's some "stuff."

This is new stuff. It came in the mail today from Tyndale. I guess they remember all their authors at Christmas.

Jasmine gave me this bell because she got one like it last year and told me I should have this one. It's much bigger than it looks in the picture.

Jessica sat the fake snow and snowmen on top of my files. Tyler added his singing dog.

This is the fireplace in what we jokingly call my office. It also has games, puzzles, a ping pong table etc. in it. In reality, I have a corner : ) I got the nativity on clearance a couple of years ago but this is the first year I put it up.

This is a saw I bought in Nashville, IN on a trip home.

My husband got me these for an anniversary we celebrated while stationed in England.

This is a stocking Tyndale sent me last Christmas, and I hung beside my desk.

My mom made the top three advent calendars years ago. Jessica made the bottom three this year. Jeff's isn't up because he won't be home until the 23rd and we are out of room really.

Kaleb made this angel at school.

Our original nativity. Rick's dad made the stable.

I don't remember who gave me these.

I made the doll behind the fisherman during the few months we were in Okinawa. I really didn't want to leave there, but Ty needed some help he wasn't getting. Doing it over I'd stay and do his therapy myself.

This is what my writing area really looks like. There is no way to make it look uncluttered because of the papers in the hutch and the works in progress, school papers etc. on the desk. My computer was loading the photos for this post. I wonder what the jumble of stuff on the walls says about me?

Reindeer I made in another life time, I would pour my own ceramics, not just paint them. This was 20+ years ago though.

Jasmine was in bed with a fever most of the day, but got up to watch Beauty and the Beast. She's putting the left over candy canes (from making the mice) on the tree.

This is what the fire place looks like lit up. Well, in real life it looks better of course. Can't really get a good picture of lights.

So that's some of my "stuff."


One Crowded House said...

you are all very talented! The ceramics, doll, and advent calendars are awesome!

Kathy C. said...