Friday, December 17, 2010

Down to This

The list is getting shorter. Two parties down, two to go. Twins are signed up for basketball. It's a learning thing so instead of practices and games, the games work as practices. They start January 8. It doesn't look like Adam will make basketball. He missed it at his school and was upset. Since he thought he had no chance, he didn't bother with his grades. But now he has another chance to play in the same league as the twins but probably can't pull the Fs and Ds up in time since he just let it all go. That was goofy anyway because he still had a chance at soccer. And sports aside, he's in 10th grade so these grades will go on his overall high school gpa.

Jeff has one more math unit but is still hoping to finish up so that when he comes home for Christmas break, it will be a permanent move home. I have very mixed feelings. Those of you who've followed our story and know why he left will understand. I really don't think the problems have gone away. I just think that in the structured environment he was in, there was limited potential to get into trouble. And he did manage to get into some trouble there. Time will tell. I don't see real evidence of a personal walk with God and that is troubling.

Jasmine is home with a 102.7 fever right now. If she has any sign of a fever Tues or Wed they will not do the surgeries. We've finally got all the insurance in place and a doctor who is going to do the weekly neck adjustments here since Shands is five hours away. It's going to be a mess if it has to be rescheduled. She can't afford to miss two weeks of school recovery time. She is currently failing math. We need to get it up to passing. The rest of her grades, except writing, are Bs.

Jasmine got the cute snow woman from Felicia at "Stare if You Must" to cheer her up before her surgery.

The list is shorter. We're down to this:

Kayla's class party Friday

Hope for citizenship papers to show up after three months--a Christmas miracle is probably needed here

Hope for answer about domestication or readoption--a Christmas miracle is probably needed here too!

Adam midterms/finals

Jeff last geometry pace

Jessica orchestra rehearsal for program

Tyler and Jessica mall duty

Jessica last rehearsal

Church program with Jessica playing saxophone Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon Jasmine class party Monday

Jasmine pre op for surgery Tuesday

Jasmine surgery Wednesday

Jeff pack up to move home

Jasmine released from hospital Thursday, pick Jeff up and come home

Christmas eve service--probably not with Jasmine just home from surgery

Tyler and Jessica extra work hours to include Christmas eve and Christmas day (yes, the theater is open 365 days a year)


Renee said...

((((Hugs)) and prayers!

One Crowded House said...

that is still a pretty long list!!!
but I know it is a relief to mark things off!