Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday fun

With all the school issues, it seemed like we really hadn't had a lot of fun lately. I've been feeling like I'm doing more disciplining that playing. Probably because that's the way it is right now. So bright and early Saturday, I loaded the SUV and we went to the skateboard park. Unfortutaly, it started pouring as soon as we got there, and this is the only picture I took.

Jessica works the 12-6 shift on Saturdays so we are limited on what she can do with us.

With the Saturday work schedule making jet skiing impossible, we decided to head to the bay right after church Sunday. Ty was more thrilled than this--honest. He was just being nonchalant for the camera!

Jessica was texting a friend to see if she could join us, but she couldn't.

Adam in the new tube. I have to look to see who everyone is because we did have some friends join us, and the life jackets got passed around. It ended up with people in life jackets that weren't their own. Adam is wearing Ty's yellow life jacket.

Tyler kayaking (wearing Rick's life jacket)

Anthony kayaking (wearing Adam's life jacket)

Kaleb in the tube. No one could find his life jacket so he got a spare orange one.

Now Nicole is wearing Ty's life jacket! See what I mean?

Unfortunately, one of the little ones decided to
spend most of the day in time out and never did get to tube. She would get a mouthful of water, walk up to someone and spit it right on them. That didn't go over well. She went into areas she was told to stay clear of (for safety reasons), took other people's food off their plates and so on. So the fun didn't happen for her. Today she brought home a red from school (that's the lowest conduct grade) for being defiant, throwing things, spitting etc. and when the bus was pulling up but not yet stopped, I saw her get up and run down the aisle. No movie and popcorn tonight!
Back to jet skiing--A neighbor family joined us for about an hour and then it started pouring. We loaded the kayaks and jet ski in the rain, but we were all wet anyway. It was fun having them there even if it wasn't for long.
I also had Adam do a practice triathalon. I dropped him off out a ways and had him swim in. He had kayak escort of course in case of emergencies. Then he biked home and was suppose to run back but of course it was pouring by then. He was on his way back when we were driving home.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures after the ones I posted above : (
My camera was set in a damp, but not really wet spot. It had a severe allergic reaction and died! Really! It was quite dramatic. The viewer screen soaked up moisture and just died. We took a few pictures hoping it was just the viewer screen, but it wasn't. So my faithful Kodak easyshare z612 is no more. It served faithfully for three years, including four of the trips to Haiti. And of course it's not readily available anymore. Haven't even been able to find a new one online. Not sure about getting a "good condition" used one. I've ordered "like new" books to have them arrive scribbled in.
I hope to find one, though. I also bought a cheapy vivicamX029 for the beach and jet skiing. I know it won't take that great of pictures but for $60 I don't have to worry about a repeat of my beloved kodak's death. It would have been nice if it had at least come with an owner's manual. It comes in a sealed plastic package like all cheapy cameras rather than a box so it's not like the store can just give me one from another pack. I've contacted vivitar.
Well, that's all our news from the weekend. Jasmine is down pre oping in Gainesville right now for her surgery tomorrow. I'll try to post after her surgery. I'm also going to download Jessica's camera because she took some pictures after my camera died. I'm not sure what she has on hers though.

While I was typing that last paragraph, Kaleb's teacher called that he'd had a bad day today. She said he is usually very eager to come in and take part in the activities, but today he wouldn't stay in a center or keep his hands off of everyone. Hopefully he'll be back to himself tomorrow.


Karen said...

Kathy, prayers and hugs! They have so much to learn and I see how hard it is. Blessings**

Tracy said...

Hugs and hang in there. I am very nervous to send Avery to school for all the reasons you listed. AGH! Hopefully they'll learn quickly the correct way to behave for your sake and theirs! :)

Felicia said...

I hope the little ones settle in soon. I know it is so frustrating when the school has you on speed dial.