Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ready for Fourth

Jasmine and I went to fourth grade orientation this morning. The best parts were that #1 her teacher seems really nice and very practical and #2 on a quick glance through the math book, I think I can still help her with it this year. Since they are doing pre geometry and pre algebra that's not all so easy as it sounds. Gone are the days of just add, subtract, multiply and divide!


Karen said...

That's a great picture and Jasmine looks happy! Good luck with the math, I'm certainly no help there.

Tracy said...

Math I can handle...but it's the darn English/Language stuff I don't remember. Last year Cade got an entire sheet marked wrong I helped him with about circling the predicate of the sentence...I don't ever remember learning this. Well, from the result, I don't think I did!