Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Openhouse Down...

Last night was Adam's openhouse at the new smaller school we transferred him to. At the other school, the bus got there an hour early and that's way too much time to get into trouble. The kids were not supervised during that time.

He was also acting out in class and doing rude and defiant things for attention. He hasn't been all that excited about this new school, but the reports from the teachers at openhouse last night were all positive. He has some work to get caught up but they all say he works in class and isn't disruptive. Yay!

He doesn't like the school because it's all computer taught but there is a qualified teacher for each class, and they change classes for each subject just like any other highschool. But he can't entertain or interact with anyone during class time as easily since everyone is on a computer and most of the students really want to get their work done. However, if they get their work done early, they have free time. They can interact or play approved computer games, e-mail etc.

Adam in the student lounge.

One of the classrooms.

Checking his computer.

I don't know if you can see clearly, but when we get home at night there are always 6-12 frogs right at the edge of the house by the steps.


Christine said...

My kids would be in frog heaven!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Sounds like he is doing better :) That is great!

Our kids love seeing all of the frogs on our windows every evening :)

Felicia said...

It is great that you had an opportunity to try a different type of school for Adam. Looks like he does better in an invironment with less distraction.