Monday, August 30, 2010

Twins at School

Kaleb's teacher went to the same kind of chart as Kayla's where they get a sticker per half hour or so. Kaleb did really well on Friday, which was his first day doing this. Our conference for today is postponed until we see if this makes a lasting change or not.

Kayla didn't do so well Friday. And she hurt a child by grabbing and yanking on his backpack. She seems to be impulsive and she's unintentionally hurt several children so far.

The twins brought home a homework packet Friday! Six math pages to be done during the week. We did the first one together. Kaleb settled right down and did it with me so got to do his next homework project. Kayla just started putting dots all over her page and then wouldn't erase them so she did not get to do the "me" project with us.

Jessica had A LOT of algebra homework. Note the 20 oz bottle of dew voltage. Takes a lot of empty calories and caffeine for college math!

Jasmine had to write 25 definitions. It took 4 hours. The teacher said there would be a bit of spelling homework each day. A bit? Okay, so Jasmine has some issues, but how quickly would any other student write 25 definitions?

We were going to have a neighbor family join us for jet skiing Saturday but it drizzled all day. So they came down and we cooked out here.

Everyone is back to school today. There is open house at Adam's school tonight. Jasmine has softball practice this week but dance doesn't start until next week. Rick and Tyler are off to Dragon Con over the weekend so the rest of us will have to entertain ourselves.


Tracy said...

I can not believe all the work Jasmine (and your kindergartners) are getting...already. Caden (4th grade) has only had to practice math facts for 10 min, read for 25 min, and draw an NC lighthouse with ten facts about it off a website. And that was not all on the same day. Preston (K) has had no homework so far!!!

Karen said...

Looks like everyone has lots of work. I'm glad I don't have to help Jessica with math!

Suzanne said...

Good for Kaleb and Adam! Love Kaleb's mini me!
I don't envy Jasmine or Jessica's homework. 25 definitions is too much for one night. And I am so glad I took Algebra while my brain was still young and fresh- looks like another language to me now. When are kids supposed to have down time?
Celina started VPK last week. She has more homework 2x's a week than any of the Kg classes at my school have in a month. Hopefully this is not the trend for her school career.
Keep up the good behavior charts Kaleb!