Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spoke too Soon?

Well, Kayla had another great day, but this is Kaleb's chart. She had so much to write that she had to continue on the back. She wants a conference on Monday after school because stickers and time outs aren't working. Today he took his shoes off repeatedly--that one is easy to solve. I'd bought him cool hi tops that he hated because he can't get them off and on. I finally bought him a plain old pair of white low tops. I told him today if the shoes come off at school again he wears the hi tops.
He poked another teacher with a pencil. Got into other student's faces, refused to do work, scribbled on his work sheets. Talked through circle time etc.
I thought he was going to start doing better so asked Rick to pick up the Sure Start football registration pack. Don't think we'll need it. If he can't behave for his teacher, I'm not going to make a coach go through it.


Karen said...

Oh, Kathy. Adjustment and finding out what works is hard. I will be praying.

Felicia said...

I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I saw the sheet. I still have a similar sheet from Anthony's first kindergarten year, a whole month of red, small notes and scribbles filled the page. Ah, memories. With Anthony we had a rough Kindergarten year and then they tried to place him in first grade the next year. He lasted one month before they placed him in kindergarten again. This year he seems to be doing so much better (at least no calls yet). It takes time, but eventually they do get it and learn to comply.

Tracy said...

I admire your patience and am so glad your posting this stuff. We are of course dealing with behavior stuff here and it's helpful to see how others deal with it. I am praying that our behavior will fade over the next couple years, but I have a feeling that might not be the case. Either way, you're doing such a great job.