Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving Up

Ready for church!
Jasmine moves to her new SS class today.

Jessica moves up to the college group today.

Ty goes to a different church. He does much better at the smaller church he attends.
The twins and I are home. In a bit they will watch the story of Jesus for kids in Creole HERE. I'm not going to start the twins in SS for a while due to bonding and behavior issues.

Rick is out of town picking up Adam and visiting Jeff.

Here are a few pictures of Jessica with the friends that came over for pizza, movies and games yesterday.

Tyler bought Jessica Apples to Apples for her birthday and it was a hit.

We finally booted everyone out in the evening. We'd been talking about trying Thai food so I sent Jessica to a carry out place to choose some things to try.
They seem to put cucumbers in a lot of food and that is one food I am very allergic too!! But I was able to pick them out.

New outfit


Karen said...

Your hands are full. God bless you and your house full, and give wisdom to all. Know Jessica will do well at college. Will be in prayer.

Felicia said...

Thank you for being real about your family. I read so many blogs where everything is always fantastic and wonder where I am going wrong.