Friday, May 14, 2010

State Parade

Today was the third grade state parade. It was interesting to see all the other "floats." They had to be on wheels and had to have about 10-15 things on them. There was a list to choose from as far as what was on it--the state, capital, governor, tourist sight, license plate, famous activity, sports team, industry, famous person and so on.

She doesn't look very thrilled about this.

Aunt Lou sent us a license plate.

Here are several of the "floats"

Could she get anymore excited?????

Finally a smile!


Lou said...

Looking good. looks like you found the Indiana stuff.

Svetlana said...

Awesome, looks like kids had lots of fun!!!

Phyllis Sims said...

My Indiana license plate shows up good. You look like a Hoosier.