Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Saturday

Today was the last day of soccer and it started off with Jasmine's first tournament game, followed by the twin's game which overlapped Jasmine's second game. Jasmine's team came out second overall. I will keep my opinions of the top team to myself. It was hard to watch a U10 team being coached to play aggressively and a bit underhanded--thing that weren't outright illegal but just not nice.

Kayla gets her first trophy ever.


Jasmine with her coach. We all had hotdogs, chips and soda at the field, but then Jessica and I left on errands while Jasmine and the twins stayed with Rick to play on the big bouncy Under the Sea Maze and another one.

Jessica is staining/waterproofing the little deck she built a couple of years ago. The twins and Jasmine played in the wading pool while Jessica painted and Rick fixed bikes. I was working on my Tyndale devotion book. I'm just weeks from deadline.

Jasmine and Kayla ready for a festival at a friend's church. Rick took them. I stayed home to work on my book some more and do laundry.

Jessica and Tyler stopped briefly on their way to work.

The twins were really tired out after this. They are in bed, and Jasmine is watching The Spy Next Door for the second time. Rick, Adam and I watched it with her last night. It's a good family movie.


Tracy said...

Love the face paint!!!

One Crowded House said...

the matching girly outfits are darling!

Karen said...

It looks like all are having fun. Did you wear out, too? :P