Monday, May 17, 2010


This was a full weekend starting with two soccer games Saturday morning. Then we had the twins' party at the soccer field after the games.

That would have actually been enough celebration for the twins, but of course we had gifts from family members that we opened at home.

Then Sunday we went to Build-a-bear two hours away but were back in time for Jasmine's rehearsal and church program. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of that. But I do have many from the Build-a-bear trip.

Jessica and I had stopped at B-a-B on the way home from Pensacola last month and had our favorite animals for the twins, but of course the choice was theirs. However, they chose the ones we'd liked.

We walked around and looked at all the ones they had dressed up, but they didn't have the bunny we liked on display anywhere. Kayla liked the Hello Kitty one but I didn't like that choice because it has such a big head that you can't get any hats or glasses or anything for it and it's, ummm, just not that cute (tyring to be polite here). When we showed her the bunny she immediately wanted it instead. She didn't really pay attention to the other ones. Whew. There were other ones that would have been cute for her too--bears in pink, pink cami or yellow and a brown bunny. I just liked all the colors on this bunny.

We thought the scruffy dog would be a good match for Kaleb and they had it dressed up in a beach outfit. He liked it right off.

The stuffing and heart station.

The bath station.

The dressing station.

Kaleb with "Juvenson" dressed in his new soccer uniform.

Kayla with "Hannah" in her new outfit.
(Hannah was the third name I'd suggested to her. I suggested Monicia after an older girl at the O. she really liked, then Esther, then Hannah--no Hannah at the O. that I know of, but it popped into my mind after I said Esther)

New outfit for Jasmine's bear at home.

Biker shirt for Jessica's tomboy bear at home and Class of 2010 for the one I got her for her senior year last August.

The lady could have told us that if we'd checked Jessica and Jasmine's clothes out with the twins' animals we'd have saved 20%!

Ready to go.

Stopped to eat a late lunch on the way home.

Peanut butter carmel crunch ice cream. They took a big hunk of vanilla ice cream, added a smashed up butter finger bar, carmel sauce and mini chocolate chips to it and "folded" it altogether. Yikes!!

We went to Jasmine's program after this.
Twins' birthday-done
Jasmine's soccer party-missed
Jasmine's rehearsal and church program-done
Last day of soccer/tournaments-next week
End of year soccer awards/inflatables/lunch-next week
Jasmine's dance dress rehearsals-23&26
Jessica's senior night at church--23rd (same as Jasmine's dress rehearsal)
Jasmine's dance recital-28th
Relatives arriving-May 30 & after
Jeff comes for visit-June 2
Jessica's graduation-June 3
open house-June 5
Concert at church (Jessica in orchestra)-June 6
all company leaves-June 7?
last day of school-June 8
total collapse--June 9--oh, wait, I think we are taking the twins to an amusement park/water park that day!!

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Bill and Christina said...

Great pictures! Wow! you are super busy!