Friday, May 7, 2010


She's the youngest. She's smart and she's sassy. She can be really well behaved and she can throw a good fit--like last night. She sat so nicely during most of Jessica's sign language show mesmerized by the music, but when I asked her not to lean on the lady's chair in front of her she got an attitude and turned sideways and put her feet in the aisle.

No problem. She was still sitting very quietly. Then I suggest that Rick take the twins home before the show ended. When they realized they were leaving, they both threw fits.

Rick had to pick both up and carry them out while they kicked and protested, they wouldn't get in car seats and then unfastened the seat belts multiple times, kicked the back of his seat etc. Guess who didn't get to walk to the gas station for weekly treats today??? Normally Jessica takes them on Tues or Wed but it's been a crazy week.

Sometimes I'm amazed at how well Kayla fits in. She knows the routine, and she's more responsible than my teens at times! She will get the rag and wipe their little table after a meal if there is anything spilled on it. She doesn't like milk or vegetables, but she enjoys most other food. I serve her the vegetables first so she eats them to get the main meal. She loves rice and black beans. We have an easy recipe that I make for lunch occasionally.

(The white child is not mine)

Kayla is a lot more active and energetic than Kaleb. She likes to play on the trampoline and she does well at soccer each week. Occasionally we have some boundary issues with the other coach, but he does not encourage it. And I correct her in creole so other parents don't understand what I'm telling her and just think I'm saying something about the game.

It was beautiful weather today. The little ones were playing a game where they jumped over the sprinkler.


Julie said...

It's amazing how far she has come in such a short time! And still as cute as ever too!

Renee said...

What a sweetie! She sounds like she is doing AMAZING! What a fun girl and what a great Mom you are :o)