Monday, May 24, 2010


I have to say that Jessica is one of those rare easy-to-raise children . Well, after we got out of a very fussy first year. She did NOT appreciate her carseat at all and let us know it often!!!! But she's always been the one that brings home a report cards that says, "Jessica is a joy to have in class." Not saying we don't have some major girl attitude at times....

First day of kindergarten. You can tell we weren't in FL huh? This was England so the first day of school could be cool. Now we are on the countdown to graduation.

The church we've been in for the past six years doesn't have awanas but we were in awanas in South Dakota, England and Valdosta.

Jessica had a chance to try a variety of sports when she was younger--t ball, flag football, roller hockey, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, Upward basketball... She's always had fun with sports but never been serious enough about them to go out for a school team. She's also had other stuff going on--gymnastics, dance and marching band so she's had to choose what's most important to her. She's helped out in many areas at church too--children's church worker, parents' night out, VBS worker etc.

It was senior recognition night at church last night.

They had a nice meal for the seniors and families after the service.

I hope that Jessica continues her walk with the Lord as she goes into her college years. She's staying at a local college at least for next year starting a degree in criminology. I think her specific major is listed as crime scene technology.


One Crowded House said...

another graduate... congratulations!!!

Salzwedel Family said...

Jessica seems like such a lovely young lady!