Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'e written about the youngest three, so now I'll continue with the older ones.

Adam is 15. He was our first adopted child, although he's not the oldest adopted child.

Adam is like two different people. He can be helpful, fun, cooperative and compassionate. He has a heart for orphans. Unfortunately there is another side to him that I'm not going to go into detail about. We are in counseling for the issues and he will remain in counseling until he works through them. He has so much potential, and I refuse to let him waste it. He is blessed with so much talent--academically, musically, artistically and athletically--as was his birth mother who went on to college after giving birth to Adam.

Adam likes the beach and sports and any combination of the two.

Adam loves the twins. He went to Haiti with us in Aug 07 to meet them for the first time.

For the last couple of summers Adam has gone to TMI on Merritt Island. That gives us all a little break from each other and gives him a chance to met new people and be himself away from us.

Last year he signed up to go to Haiti but didn't raise the money and stayed on Merritt Island doing a project there. This year he signed up for Belize. I bought him two cases of fundraiser candy bars to get him started and sent him down to the business area to ask for sponsors, but he just wasn't that motivated even though he really wanted to go on the trip. He didn't raise enough money so has had to drop to the Indiana choir/evangelism team. He likes the work projects but for some reason there isn't a project scheduled at the camp this summer. All the work teams are overseas teams.

Adam will not be returning to the public high school next year. He has problems with impulse control and peer pressure. Jessica took him to two Christian clubs to meet some Christian kids, but that's not who he chose to befriend. His friends applaud his poor and ungodly choices and the girls are an issue in themselves. Our choices are a home school computerized program through the state of Florida and a small geeky school. He will not be happy at first with either choice but he will adjust. He needs to realize that he can't make decisions for himself until he can make good choices. And after all, that's why we all have parents.
I am hoping that he will learn and grow on the mission team this summer and will be ready to face the new school year and make the most of the opportunities he has.

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Karen said...

He has a wonderful smile. Will keep him in my prayers. Blessings**