Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I cannot imagine life without Jasmine. I met her in the hospital nursery when she was less than three weeks old. I took her home a few days later as a foster child, and she's been with us ever since.

Jasmine has some physical and learning challenges, but we are here for her. She's been through several surgeries and has three more coming up in the next few months.
Although it's not always easy, she's my joy and song, and she brightens my life.

Jasmine's my little sport but she's not as competitive as I thought she'd be. When she played soccer as a 4 & 5-year-old she would just go after the ball and take it to the net each time. She was the high scorer. Then when she got around 6 or 7 she started being one of the players who just watches everyone else get the ball. I don't know if it's because many of the players are bigger or if it's because there are so many of them on the field as the same time. She'll run and keep up with whoever has the ball but won't go after it--sometimes not even if it hits her! But she enjoys it and it exercises both of her legs which is very important since her left side is much weaker. There is a big difference in how big around her legs are.

Jasmine is finishing her fifth year of dance. She enjoys it but isn't serious about it. She just has fun with it.

Jasmine is enjoying the new trampoline.

Third grade is a lot of work! We've done a penguin project, made a mask out of a paper bag, did book reports and a president project before this final three-part state project--a written report, an oral report with ten props and now this parade float. The box is going to sit in a wagon.


Karen said...

Jasmine is precious. Blessings on her, and you and your family.

One Crowded House said...

such a sweet girl... that is quite the project she is working on!!!

Lou said...

did we work this hard in 3rd grade?? I don't remember doing anything very extensive.
Reading, math, learning to write cursive.. No computers back in the dark ages.