Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not doing much here

Just finishing up a couple of projects.

She's replacing the board and wants to waterproof but it has rained every night and we needs a few dry days in order to waterproof.

The cracked swings are replaced.

We went shoe shopping. Jasmine is hard to buy for. She has small, narrow feet but because her toe placement is wrong, we have to get wide shoes. No cute little sandals that come in narrow at the toes.

Jessica got light weight shoes for marching camp.

We finish up swim lessons on Friday. Jasmine has made some progress but not a lot. We did session one but missed three of eight days. We sat out sessions 2&3 due to trips and are now in session four. My goal is for her to be water safe and she is accomplishing that even if she doesn't catch on to rotary breathing.
We have worked on math facts and money all summer. She will start catching on and then it all short circuits and is gone. I found math facts tests online so she can do them and then the program grades them. She collects a penny for each correct problem and cashes it in for treats at our math store. I posted about that a few weeks ago.
Jessica has full marching band camp next week for four days, four hours a day. The week after that, Adam gets home but we turn right back around and head out to cranio facial camp. This is our first year doing this.
School starts August 24. Our last foster care training class is August 25. I'm not sure how long it takes to get all the paperwork together and sent to Tallahassee for approval--and get it back approved. We've turned in as much as we can. We are waiting on references and Adam's and Jeff's surveys.

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Karen said...

Wow, where has the summer gone? You and your family have been so busy.

God bless all your family and ministries.