Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Project Foreman

If you look around our house, you'll see a lot of changes and most of them are Jessica's work. She can be totally unorganized and you need to shovel your way through her room, but when she's working on a project, she's focued.

One of Jessica's first projects was building this deck with Rick's help. I can't locate the pictures of it being built but we've had a couple computer crashes since that time so they may be gone. This is taken recently after the patio and garden were added.

Jessica decided to fix her room up. We both liked green/lavender. This was spring break '08

After Jessica finished her room, she helped Ty with his. Actually, she did most of it. He found that he didn't like painting.

Last fall was the start of the patios with two little patios first.

Then came the gardens and bigger patio/sidewalk.

Jessica did almost all of Adam/Kaleb's room by herself except that Rick did the flooring and the white strips around the bottom of the wall.

Her latest project was the kid's bathroom. We used the color we decided against for Adam's room.

The final touches were added this morning.

Still to do this summer is staining/waterproofing the deck, steps etc cedar.

Next summer she wants to go to Malawi for the summer and then off to college three hours away. Hmmm. Don't know about that--would you let her go??


Lisa said...

Wow! She's quite the worker! All the projects look great!

It would be tough to let her go, and miss all her help around the house. But she seems very responsible and a really hard worker. Would Malawi be mission work? For the whole summer, or just part of it? Sounds like it would be an awesome experience for her!

Lisa said...

P.S. you could send her to Iowa for the summer instead! ;)

Kathy C. said...

Teen Mission International--she hopes to be accepted as a leader but she may be a bit young.

kayder1996 said...

I went to Romania at 18, right after my freshman year of college. Very life altering trip. I went with a group of people I didn't know, all of whom were at least 10 years older than me. I had never flown before. My parents never balked at my decision, although I'm sure it was hard for them to see me go. I know my mom was worried, even though she didn't really say so.

Kathy C. said...

I'm not worried about the trip--just about missing her!!! I think it's good for the kids to see how things are other places. She's been to Haiti with me 3 of the 4 times I went.