Friday, July 10, 2009

Coke, Pop, Soda?

So, I grew up calling it "pop." That was in northern IN. Then I moved to Jax, FL to teach and everything was "cokes" so the first day I asked the cafeteria lady for a "coke" and she asked me what kind of coke. Huh? Was there more than one? (Not back then!)Now I just call it all "soda" in general and call each kind by its specific name. My favorites right now are Cherry Coke, Mountain Dew and I've recently been drinking the Mt. Dew Voltage. I tried Cherry Coke Zero at the World of Coke and have been drinking it most--it is not my favorite by any means but I don't need the extra empty calories from soda.

If you are reading this, what do you call soft drinks and where in general do you live?

(I posted this same chart over a year ago on the adoption blog in case you think it looks familiar).


Hevel Cohen said...

This might not apply to me, because in areas where I lived the last 8 or so years English is not the primary language and that is now reflected in the family English usage, too. My kids either call carbonated drinks soda pop, or simply soft drinks--even carbonated soft drinks at times--or by brand. That gets funny when we get into the Tesco Value Orange Flavoured Carbonated Drink category, at which point it becomes "dark yellow fizzy" and color replaces flavor.

Soda by itself always means soda water, which we grew quite fond of in Hungary.

One Crowded House said...

I live in MO growing up and we called it either soda- or just by it's regular name.

We only got it on "special" occasions when I was little 'cause my parents were so frugal! Now they have it in the house all the time- back then- it was parties or holidays when we had it.

Jeff and I have been cutting it out of our diet more and more. We do not like the diet stuff- and we are sick of being chubby- so we are trying to be better about that!

kb said...

Growing up in CA everything was "Coke"; in NE and MI it's "pop".

Karen said...

In Louisiana, it was, "What kind of coke do you want?"

I've learned to say "soda" here in southwest Florida.

TylerandBrianne said...

Definitely coke here.