Monday, July 20, 2009

Adam's Room

While Adam is at Merritt Island for mission camp this summer, we redid his room. Jessica has actually done most of the work but everyone kicked in a little.

Priming the walls.

Changing the bunk bed from bright blue to navy blue.

We painted the whole room in a pretty, bright blue color but then decided it was too cute for a boy's room. We are going to paint the kids bathroom that color though. Here the girls are painting over the bright blue.

This is the final color.

His carpet had to be replaced with linoleum a few years ago. It was stuck down and had to be scraped up. Not fun at all.

Tile was laid instead.

Floor done, white edge added along the floor, curtains hung, bed put back together and bedding being put on.

Stuff on the walls except for the picture we bought in Haiti which need frames.

Kaleb and Adam will share the bunk bed or Kaleb can share Ty's room if he wants. There is a bunk bed in it too.


Heather said...

It looks great! Love the pictures on the walls!

One Crowded House said...

that looks great!

Julie said...

Looks Great!

Julia said...

i like the room from RACHEL

Momto14 said...

Fantastic! I love it!!