Friday, July 24, 2009

Learn about the Bible

and keep sharp on your summer reading with one of these books.
Just for Me: The Bible is for ages 6-9. It has stories, rebus stories, activities, journaling, crafts, puzzles and more. It is really a fun book to do.
Even though it says it is for ages 6-9, a homeschool five-year-old could easily do it with help and an older adopted child might find it a good introduction to the Bible. I would really recommend it for adopted children as it is a basic look at the Bible section by section.
The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible is for ages 9-12, or 4th-6th grades. Again, the ages really don't mean much. It goes through the Bible section by section but more in depth than the easier book. It also has journaling, stories, crafts and more. Girls (and even moms) who read through the book will come away with a basic knowledge of what is in the Bible and what the major events are. The only thing is that I disagree with the part about the book of Revelation. I take the book very literally but my publisher doesn't. So if you are reading through the book with your girl, you can present Revelation more in depth and accurately than what the book does.
Consider reading through one of these books with your girls or using it as a girl's Bible study book for a small group.
These books are available at and but I encourage you to check your local Christian bookstore first as many of them are struggling in these hard times.

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