Sunday, July 19, 2009

More About Orlando

Most of the first day was spent at Universal. Everyone started out together on the first ride but then we quickly split up boys/girls. When we are all together, there are too many personality quirks.
Adam is at camp.

Once we split into groups, we pretty quickly decided what we each most wanted to do.

The boys hung out at the pool in the evenings.

The girls spent most of the second day at Islands of Adventure but the boys went back and forth between parks.

Jasmine on One Fish, Two Fish. My shirt got soaked on this ride.

In the Cat in the Hat shop. Cat in the Hat was a good ride but I didn't know it spun. I had set my backpack, and Jessica's purse, hat and water bottle (she was on a ride where she couldn't have any loose items) on the seat beside me. The lady didn't say anything like "Do you know that is all going to fly off and you are not going to be able to get it back until the ride closes at 9?" Nope. Found that out the hard way. Thankfully the backpack didn't go flying so at least we had money and the tickets.

Jasmine in the Seuss Landing play ground. I told her to go ahead and get wet but take her shoes and socks off. As usual people stared at her feet and pointed them out to their friends. Even adults. I'd rather they just ask. She knows what to say when people ask why her feet/hand/neck etc. are the way they are.

Jasmine's favorite rides were Spiderman and Seuss Landing (all the rides) at Islands of Adventure and Jimmy Neutron and Men in Black at Universal.

Jeff's favorite rides were Simpsons and Mummy at Universal and Spiderman at Islands of Adventure.

Jessica's favorite rides were Mummy and Men in Black at Universal and Hulk Rollercoaster (big loops and very scary!!) and Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure.

Tyler's favorites were Mummy at Universal and Spiderman and the River Adventure at Islands of Adventure.

The girls and I went back to Universal when Jessica got back from taking the boys back to the hotel so they could hang out. We were able to go on several rides the last hour because it was sprinkling and people were leaving.

They are both fun places and I'd like to go again--but not right away! It's about 7 hours there.


Lisa said...

We did this trip last yr...loved the mummy ride was the best...and I'm like you don't really want to do it any time soon either,it's a 13 hr drive from us.....Sad to read about Jeff,that must be so hard on you and your family as well..Thanks for posting pics..brought back alot of tiring memories.hahahaha

Julia said...

that looks like a lot of fun