Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinner Out

After finishing Adam's room and other projects including replacing boards in the steps and railings, replacing old swings and fixing up the swing set, and lots of cleaning, we all went out to dinner, my treat.

We went to Chilis. They had the special where two people share an appetizer, each get an entree and then share a dessert for $20. That worked out well for us. Jasmine got a kid's meal.

My dinner.

We had lots left. The appetizers filled us up before the meal even came!

Jessica decided that more steps need replacing so we got lumber for that.

The rug is for Jessica and Jasmine's room.

I told Jessica that after Adam's room was done she could paint the bathroom the color we decided against for Adam's room. She is so busy with work that it's hard to get the projects done now. She works 12-6 most days but has to stay until 7:45 on the days Ty works to bring him home. Next week she has marching band sectionals. Stay tuned for more pictures as the bathroom progresses.


Julia said...

that is really cool I really like your blog good job . FROM RACHEL

Karen said...

Wow, work, food and fun. I don't get it though, I NEVER have all that food left over, even with appetizers! :0


mama bear said...

I would LOVE to have your daughter come help me with my projects! Would she like to take a trip over to WA? Great job on the room.