Monday, February 9, 2009

We're Home

Our cruise was suppose to board at noon but didn't board until 4 pm so they fed us box lunches and did face painting while we waited to board.

Finally aboard. Saying last goodbyes.

Our huge cabin!


Wearing off the food.

Working on our book.

Energy for writing. They were both Jessica's.

More food! Our ship did not leave port until 1.a.m.!!!! Nine hours late!


Terry said...

That just ain't right rubbing it in and all! While I sit here dreaming about the next time I can possibly leave NJ, let alone go on a cruise :-)

Lou said...

So..why did your cruise leave 9 hours late??? They should have refunded your money if they didn't take you where they were supposed to.
Did they have the midnight buffet that we went to every night on our cruise???? Like we need more food.